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Home Kitchen Demo Package Bengali  (Rs.100 /head)

Event start time: 11:30 AM, End time: 02:00 PM

This demonstrates a dine-in option in your house. this package allows you to check flow to checkout on the live site. not for sale
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Authentic Home-style Bengali Cuisine By Madhumita

This menu gives options of 2 appetisers, one Pasta or Risotto, one Main course, one Dessert to be shared between two people. This experience is paired with 2 Signature cocktails per person

  • Bengali spicy crispy coriander fritters prefect tea time snack.
  • Bacon in combination with the squash and cranberries as the saltiness of the bacon is a perfect compliment to the sweetness of the squash and cranberries. For texture, some lightly toasted walnuts add a little crunch.
  • Mini Buttered Corn Cobs chilli, coriander, lime yoghurt Crisp Arborio Croquettas madras curry mayo & micro greens
  • A spicy crab curry cooked with hot Indian spices, sliced red onion, and sliced potatoes (what we Bengalis call Chocchori Aloo.) It's best eaten with hot rice."
  • A traditional Bengali preparation of prawns cooked in mustard and filled inside a coconut to get a combined flavor of mustard and coconut cream.
  • Bengali Parshe fish cooked in delicious Bengali favorite mustard gravy.
  • A traditional Bengali (East Indian) dish. It is easy to make and usually prepared using hilsa fish. However salmon or cod can be used instead
  • Spiced rice cooked with shrimp.
  • Mutton cooked with fenugreek seeds in a mild spicy curry.
  • Egg Plant served in main course
  • Mixed vegetables cooked in authentic bengali style usually served with Dal and Rice
  • Fried Onion moong rice
  • Khichuri is the unforgettable mixture of rice and lentil
  • The quintessential Bengali dessert.  Made with condensed milk and caramelized sugar that simply melts in the very first bite itself, this one comes straight from heaven to your platter.
  • Aerated
  • Juices

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Home Kitchen Demo Package Bengali ₹1500  ₹100/pax (Lunch)
Save 93% Vs à la carte
This demonstrates a dine-in option in your house. this package allows you to check flow to checkout on the live site. not for sale
Package For Brunch ₹75  ₹10/pax (Cafe Menu)
Save 87% Vs à la carte
Package for testing. demo
Package For Dinner ₹3000  ₹10/pax (Dinner)
Save 100% Vs à la carte
Free package but not for sale

This is a demo restaurant

The restaurant is live virtually only. However, all transactions are for illustration only. There is no physical delivery or consumption. It's a showcase for restaurants wanting to go Live. It has reasonable prices.

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Here is what Madumita wants to share with you I like most Bengalis love to eat, sample and cook food.  I love to share my home with people and have them sample my recipes. For an exceptional Bengali home food, don't forget to book a get together at my place. I have made it very easy for you, with a pre-selection of dishes you can opt for
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